10 Jan

Challenge Cup 2017

Next race: Monza
date: 24 September 2017
meeting time: 19:30h CET
chatroom: eolc of VROC
track folder: monza
qualify: 30 minutes
race: 34 laps
chassis choice: free, slower cars score more bonus points
shift-R: allowed for repairs everywhere, but not for refuelling
fps: 60 fps





Fun Event at Targa Florio


We’ll drive one 55 mod race at eolc this year.

Fun Event race: Targa Florio
date: 8 October 2017 (second attempt)
meeting time: 19:30h CET
race start: 20:10h CET
chatroom: eolc of VROC
track folder: targa
qualify: none
starting grid: fastest drivers in front
race: 2 laps
chassis choice: free, 55 mod
shift-R: allowed for repairs everywhere and for refuelling at every pitlane along the course.
fps: 60 fps

Fastest drivers start in front. Please post your pb in the registration thread.

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