10 Feb

Twenty years EOLC weekend

You can view the result of this event here.

Saturday 16 March 2019, 19:00h CET

Spa (5 laps)
Rouen (10 laps)
Kyalami (13 laps)
Monza (10 laps)

Sunday 17 March 2019, 19:00h CET

Silverstone (13 laps)
Mexico (11 laps)
Watkins Glen (18 laps)

We will use the same point scoring system as for the Ringnacht.
Optimize your result by driving all seven cars, but chassis choice is complety free.
The race length is about 1/3 of a Challenge Cup race.

I take the opportunity to say thank you to

  • everyone who participated in our races since 1999
  • everyone who contributed as an admin, programmer, webmaster, or by making donations
  • the owner of the EOLC website, Stefan Pfeifer!